Terminal Checkpoints Guide


The quick-reference guide concerning Passenger Checkpoints at European Airports is an initiative to provide students with a better understanding of those factors which determine the applicability of checkpoints at EU, Schengen and UK airports in a post-Brexit world.

Furthermore, ancillary aspects such as the impact of checkpoints on terminal layouts and day-to-day operations have been analysed.


To support this free initiative, you are encouraged to share your knowledge. After external input has been incorporated in the guide, contributing professionals will be properly credited in the acknowledgements section of the book. Input and comments can be send to mail@sebastiaanmenger.com or via the LinkedIn community.

You can also support financially by buying the book on Amazon (version 04.2020) or making a donation. In this way, the guide can be enhanced and server costs covered.

Lectures and Workshops

To share in-depth knowledge, this initiative also features lectures and workshops.

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Access to the Guide

In addition to the (shortened) online version available below, the comprehensive edition of the quick reference-guide is also available on Amazon (.com .uk .de). This concerns the version dated 04.2020.

The (shortened) digital version of the most up-to-date guide can be accessed below. It is best displayed on PCs (select the 'expand' button) or tablets (in both cases, switch browser reader view to off):