• Sebastiaan Menger

Part 1: BCN, Spain

The aim of the series 'Airport Traffic Blog' is to briefly analyse traffic characteristics of a wide variety of international airports.

In this first part: Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) in Catalonia, Spain.

BCN is primarily an OD airport. It serves the strong demand inherent to one of Spain's main cultural as well as financial centres.

The airport features several based airlines (such as Vueling), flying out early morning and after various rotations/turnarounds during the day returning base in the evening. This results in a clear morning departure as well as evening arrival peak.

Even though Vueling uses BCN as a hub, the traffic patterns show no significant transfer waves, presumably due to the aforementioned strong OD focus of the destination.

With arrival peaks going as high as 40 ATM/hr, it is likely BCN temporarily operates a mixed mode runway system in the peak periods, while the remainder of the day, segregated runway operations seems adequate to accommodate demand.

BCN traffic throughput on a random day (not necessarily a representative day, for illustration purposes only).

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